About Warm soda

Warm soda? It happens to the best of us. 
At least, that's what we think here at Warm Soda Magazine. A crispy, surprising carbonated gulp of delicious art, music and culture around the Greater Riverbend area and the Greater St. Louis area.

Based in Alton, Illinois, we strive to offer insight and support to the creative and innovative side of the community. In this area east of the Mississippi River and St. Louis itself, creativity and art is the backbone of what brings people together. However, a physical home has never existed to cultivate this colorful backbone, until now. That's where Warm Soda comes in! We are a home for all creativity of the area to meet, celebrate and consume.

Warm Soda Magazine ventures to bring a platform for creators of all kinds to connect and interact with other creators, and those who strive to create. 

Currently we’re only web based, but we hope to expand to print at a later date. We’re excited to launch this magazine and engage the public in the various flavors of the region.