Alton Artist Crafts Handmade Books

Handmade Leather-bound books made by Daniel Price. Photo by Art Director, Shelby Clayton

Handmade Leather-bound books made by Daniel Price. Photo by Art Director, Shelby Clayton

Daniel Price is a local bookmaker in Alton, Ill. Daniel moved to Alton about two years ago and currently attends Lewis and Clark Community College, majoring in ceramics and sculpture.


Photo by Art Director, Shelby Clayton

Photo by Art Director, Shelby Clayton

How would you like to be referred as?

It's pretty simple, I like to be referred to as Daniel or Danny as far as name goes, but as a title most definitely an artist and hopefully some day a craftsman.


About how long does it take you to make books?

If I have all the materials necessary, it would take me on a average about four hours to put together a full homemade leather-bound sketchbook for artist use.





What materials do you generally use?

The usual materials I like using are simple:

  • Leather hide 2mm thick

  • Drawing paper

  • Waxed string

Tools of the trade:

  • Razor blade

  • Leather awle

  • Leather punch



Is it hard sourcing materials like leather?

Everything is perfectly easy to get a hold of, but the leather becomes the most expensive part of the endeavor. The paper can get expensive as well, but you gotta know how to find paper that is good quality for drawing and super cheap at the same time. An average piece of leather for my books ends up being about 15 bucks for a medium to small size book wrap and about 29 [dollars] to 25 [dollars] for a large size wrap.


Finally finished y'all

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What other artwork do you like to do?

My major through school will be in ceramics and sculpture. I love working with clay to produce functional and sculptural art. I also draw and oil paint, which has been a surprising love I recently found in the art world.


Do you have any plans for some big projects?

Art is the only thing in my life where my passion runs deeper than even I can imagine, so I am constantly thinking of new ideas and projects. My next big idea would be sewing. I'm thinking of making some patches out of simple materials or fabrics and using a sewing machine to stitch my style of drawing or art in general in the fabric to make some pretty dope patches.


Do you sell your books, or take commissions? How can people contact you?

The sketchbooks I make are in fact for sale and I would gladly take a commission piece which I have never done before, but it would be cool to design a book with someone's thoughts in mind of the finished product.

People could contact me mainly on Instagram where I show most of my work on social media @getsick_beensick.

Written by Art Director Shelby Clayton