Artist Tips for Using Instagram Hashtags


Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms available, especially for artists. Because there are millions of people using it, you can very quickly find and build a large audience.

The main way for people to discover your art is using hashtags. Even people who use Instagram may not know the most effective way to use hashtags.

Did you know tagging content with the most popular hashtags could actually harm your efforts? When tags are popular, it means many people are posting their photos with that specific tag. Because there is so much content, content you post is likely going to get drowned out.

Instead, you need to research the kind of tags that go best with your type of content. For example, if you are an abstract artist then you could check out what tags other abstract artists use. Focus on using 10 to 15 various but relevant tags per post.

It takes more than just slapping tags on your posts and calling it a day's work done. You'll want to keep track of your tags and watch them carefully. If you notice a tag you commonly use is oversaturated with content, then you might want to stop using it for a while. Tags can become popular quickly. Keep adding any new or trending tags to your list and switch to them when needed.

It also helps your followers if you start using your username as a hashtag. Not only does this help build yourself a brand, but it also makes it easy for people who are specifically looking for your artwork.

Do you have any tips or advice for artists trying to use hashtags? Let us know!

Written by Helen Jarden