Feature Friday: 1990's Anime Inspired Artist Kemble Rippeto

Drawn by Kemble Rippeto

Drawn by Kemble Rippeto

Glen Carbon native Kemble Rippeto has always had in interest in art. Inspired by the Golden Age of Anime, he has plans on making a 1990’s anime-esque influenced comic featuring Damien, a half human, half demon. Currently a student of Lewis and Clark Community College, Rippeto has been taking classes to hone his skills to be able to apply them to an ever-expanding repertoire of art.

Shelby Clayton: First Question! How would you like to be referred as?

Kemble Rippeto: Just Kemble is fine.


SC:Are you located in Alton? How long have been in this area?

KR: I’m actually from Glen Carbon, about 30 minutes away. I've lived here my whole life.


SC: And you go to Lewis and Clark for Fine Arts, correct? What made you decide to go into Fine Arts?

KR: Yeah, I've pretty much only been good at art my whole life. It was the only subject I excelled in during high school, so going into this degree for college seemed to make sense. I just like creating things I visualize in my head, and my goal was to take courses to sharpen my basic skills so I could apply them to whatever kind of art I wanted to make


SC: I’ve noticed you work in several different mediums. What mediums do you work in and do you have a personal favorite?

KR: I've worked in acrylic paint, oil paint, charcoal, pastel, graphite, digital, clay, wire, cardboard and probably some others I can't remember right now. I will always go back to graphite or digital as my favorite mediums.


SC: That's quite a repertoire! What about graphite and digital makes them your favorite?

KR: Probably just that I've used them the most, but also because it's easy for me to just draw something quickly and get the satisfaction my brain wants. I grew up on cartoons and comics, so being able to easily recreate what I saw was important and that was best done with pencils. I always had a sketchbook in high school and rarely went beyond simple pencil sketches. When I started college, I got a tablet and started drawing digitally, which allowed me to easily color my sketches. Drawing is just what I'm most comfortable with.


SC: I have a tablet too, an old Wacom bamboo, I call it the old reliable, that I got in middle school. What kind of tablet do you have and do you recommend it?

KR: Yeah, I have an old Intous PT Medium and it's held up pretty well. Luckily, I recently got an IPad Pro (10.5 inch), which is a wonderful art tablet, but it is incredibly expensive. The Intuos was 200 [dollars] I think, and it works fine, but the Pro is great for doing art anywhere. I also use Clip Studio as my go to art program, but I've used several free programs that work well too. It was either that or a Microsoft Surface, I've done a lot of research on tablets, but the IPad Pro and Apple pen just seemed like the best choice for me. A surface would have probably been better for easier communication between it and my computer, but oh well.


SC: Are there any cartoons or comics that inspired you the most?

KR: That's actually kind of hard to say, I can't say I got inspired until I read things like Rurouni Kenshin or saw stuff like Trigun or Cowboy Bebop. As a kid, I loved Dragonball and YuYu Hakusho (I still do). A lot of 90s anime really has the style and flare that I like. I hope to convey a level of expressiveness and motion in my drawings in the same way I saw those things in the media I consumed.


SC:Do you have any goals for your art? Or new things you would like to try?

KR: I have an idea for a comic I want to write and draw, I've slowly been designing characters and stories for it for years and I've never drawn in a comic format before, so that would be something new. For the past couple of years, I've been pretty much devoting my time to drawing the figure, but I know I need to work on my landscapes and composition skills if I'm going to be making a comic.


Damian  Art by: Kemble Rippeto

Art by: Kemble Rippeto

SC: That's so exciting! Could you tell me more about it?

KR: Yeah, but I'm not sure how much is set in stone right now. Basically, it'll be about this character named Damian, who is half-human and half-demon. After his father was cut down by unknown demon assailants, he has made it his goal to travel in search of them so he can exact his revenge. He travels from city to city in search of information, all the while fighting any demons he comes across. It's pretty simple right now, but I'm still fleshing it out in my free time. I've never really told anyone fully what my ideas are so I don't have them completely organized in my head. I have a handful of characters designed and even more planned. Whenever I get the comic started proper, it'll probably be a webcomic, but that's still far off. I wanted to keep it simple like One Punch Man and a lot of other shonen type stories but just make a bunch of cool and weird characters



SC: Do you have any social profiles for your art you would like to share? Also, do you sell your art or take commissions?

KR: I have a Twitter and a Tumblr and a Facebook page I post my art on, but I don't currently sell art or do commissions. I'd like to but I'm just not sure what I'd charge.


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