Local Art Exhibition Juried List Announcement


Drum roll please!

Artwork for Warm Soda’s Local Art Exhibition was chosen with the help of an anonymous jury. We thank our jurors and all of those who entered. Seeing all the submissions from this area really inspired and reminded us why we are here — to uplift and recognize the amazing art community. We are thrilled to announce the participants and hope this is the first of many art shows to come in our area. Congrats to those who were juried in! Don’t forget to stop by and see the show 3 to 9 p.m. June 27th, 28th and 29th at Old Bakery Beer Co. Best in Show and Crowd Favorite will be announced at 7 p.m. June 29th during our closing ceremony.


21st Century - Jenna Harpole

A Million Dreams - Lisa Hinrichs

A Serenade Between Sun and Moon - Lynn Carter

Blue Wolf - Karman Fairless

Boyfriend - Emma Hagerty

Clark - Donnie Becker

Complement Jet - Makaila Bryant

Demons - Veronica Ely

Devoured Innocence - Kristin Herndon

Diogenes Extension - Makaila Bryant

Don’t let me Slip - Tabby Freeman

Echoes in the Primate House - Kelley Tanner

Flood - Erica Davis

Four-Handed Bowl - Barry Clayton

Freshly Roasted - Lydia Jackson

George St - Lauren Rogalsky

Goo Boy - Veronica Ely

House Key - Maddie Aunger

I’ve Been Terribly Distracted - Anna Dixon

Lonely Companions - Joseph Randick

MAX - Barry Clayton

Mountain Flowers - Laura Barnard

Ode to Beauty - Charles Bazzel

Painting #50874 - Jason Wood

Passing Storm - Kemble Rippeto

Peaches & Patches - Audrey Parsell

Piasa - Kristin Herndon

Rare Sight - Maddie Aunger

Robert Wadlow - C Fleck

Sacred Heart - CyRhen Sohngs

Salty The Sea Captain - Matt & Sal (Tree in a Box Artworks)

Sprout - Donnie Becker

Steampunk Chameleon - Lynn Carter

Stop Calling it A Revival - Spencer Addison Hughes

Sunburnt Falls - Forrest Bemis

The Shell of Shelly - Madi Martin

Unite - Dillon Reynolds

Untitled - Hanna Berglund

Windows to the Universe - Kelley Tanner

You’re just my type - Anna Dixon


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