Phantasmagoria Juried List


Thanks to all who submitted! We saw some scary and mysterious art from local artists.

These pieces were juried in by an anonymous panel of 3 judges. All submissions were presented to the judges anonymously to make the process as unbiased as possible.

Don’t forget to come get spooky with us Oct. 26 at Jacoby Arts Center 7 to 11 p.m. Awards will be presented along with an interactive costume contest.

Art will be on display Oct. 26-Nov. 2 at Jacoby.

Juried in List

TV Rots You - Jordan Massey

Krebuk - Sean Williams

Beatin and Torn - Sean Williams

Sloth - Sean Williams

Crimson Ghost - Nick Williams

Creeper - Nick Williams

Undead - Nick Williams

Monster Valentines - Paul Webb

In the Mist - Karen King

Spirit Tree - Karen King

Super Natural - Kerry Ellen (Scherer)

The Death of Cedric - Jeremy Shipley

Grendel - Jeremy Shipley

A Draugr - Jeremy Shipley

Stigmata: An Ode to Pan - Lisa M. Hinrichs

Possession of Faith - Tyler Price

Temporary - Julia Johnson

IV Tarot Ex Libris - Julia Johnson

Memento Mori - CyRhen Sohngs

Familiar - Niki Harris

VooDoo - Caissa Shelton

By the Light of the Moon - Laura J.S. Barnard

The Seer - Ciera Strebler

Death Is Infinite - Claressa Griffin

Hannah - Maddie Aunger

Haunted Happenings - Veronica Ely

Pumpkin Patch Creature - Katrina Ely

Fleeting Glimpse - Hanna Berglund

Eye See You When You Speak - Hanna Berglund

Tiny Pumpkin - Avonlea Schoeneberg

Hematic Depression - Nigel Hilgert

Distant Memory - Veronica Rhodes

...stick a needle in my eye - Hanna Berglund

Sonder - Veronica Rhodes

It's a deity from another dimension or something - Caleb Long

Among - Veronica Rhodes

Continental Orbs - Caleb Long

Untitled - Sarah Minier

String Theory - Daniel Price

Untitled - Sarah Minier

Tea Pot - Daniel Price

BrainFuzz_147 - Bryan Bethel

BrainFuzz_150 - Bryan Bethel

Nighty Night - Enola Lynn

Last Chance - Enola Lynn

Bad Day at Camp - Enola Lynn

Heaven and Hell - Enola Lynn

Losing Marbles - Alexia Asaro

Origins, Alien Cat - Laura J.S. Barnard

Party Animal - Spencer Hughes

Untitled - Jeremy Baker

Hanya Girl -Jeremy Baker

Death -Jeremy Baker

Untitled -Jeremy Baker

Nine Black Teeth - Bryan Bethel

Evil Eye - Nick Williams

Toil and Trouble - Nick Williams

Self Portrait as a Zombie - Hanna Berglund