Phantasmagoria II - Juried in List

Thank you to all who submitted to Phantasmagoria II. This year features some pretty amazing art, and is our biggest show to date! Without further ado, here is the list of the juried in pieces for Phantasmagoria II:

Rosita-Open Up

Rosita-The Rainbow is in Your Eye

Rosita-Open Your Eye to See the Truth

Lydia Harris-CyRhen

Samuel Spangler-Worked to Death

Carol Lara-The In Between

Orrin Taylor-Return of the Kentucky Fried Rainbow Witch

Orrin Taylor-“Where Do You Keep Your Matches?”

Patrick Weck-The Ruin

Patrick Weck-Black Coffee

Alicia Lewis-Paranoia

Jenna Hand-Cavity.

Cal Stevens-Channel Surfing

Haleigh Givens-A Cold Hand with a Tight Grip

Haleigh Givens-Answer the Call

Haleigh Givens-Hollowed out and yet you still grow, stubborn

Haleigh Givens-A Story from the Day I Forgot My Name

Renee Canetta-In the Eye of Flora

Claressa Griffin-Psychopomps of the Pink Palace

Jody Jedlicka -Dark History

Karen King-Captured and Abandoned

Karen King-The Specimen

Donnie Becker Jr-Help

Aimee Cozza-Home 

Rosa Renner-Along the Highway

Trevor Ayres-An Angels Curse

Bryan Bethel-Confluence 4

Bradley Phillips-Setting For the Unsettling

Nicole Cooper-Cage

Cary Horton-Release

Cary Horton-Treatment Team

Krystie Morrison-Creature in the Mist

MeltyFace (Tyler Price)-Million Blobber Lady

Anthony Leon-Dracula

Anthony Leon-Scarecrow

Anthony Leon-Frankenstein

Marty McKay-McPike Time Warp

Kim Garavaglia-Finger Food

Noah Daum-Friend Request

Mercedez Brust-Hidden Beneath

Zac Frost-Soul

Zac Frost-Devout

Matt McFerron-Party Skull

Laura “Pelick” Siadak-From the Depths

Laura “Pelick” Siadak-The Courtiers

CyRhen Sohngs-Vincent

Jennifer Busse-Smoking Reaper

Erin Hillery-Arachnophobia

Lisa Hinrichs-The Devil in Me

Daniel Price-Tea Bowl - Inevitable Presence

Alan Hollingsworth-The Captain

Alan Hollingsworth-The Furness Family

Laura J.S. Barnard-Creature Comfort

Amy Ni-Apart

Logan Gage Hollingsworth - Armored

Bill Delaney- Into the Maelstrom

Drop off: Oct. 12-20 at Warm Soda business address (2821 Sanford Ave, Alton, IL 62002) from 2PM - 8PM. If these times are an issue, contact We can try to accept accommodations within reason. Art drop-offs will not be accepted after the 20th.

Show Open October 27-November 2

Ceremony: Nov. 1, doors open at 6:30, concert starts at 7:30 (Concert, awards handed out, costume contest)

Pick Up: Nov. 3-11 at Warm Soda business address (2821 Sanford Ave, Alton, IL 62002) 2PM - 9PM. If these times are an issue please contact

Please make sure your pieces are wire-hangable if installing on walls. If art is deemed unsafe to display, it will be returned to the artist.

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