Review of Snotgirl Volume 1: Green Hair Don't Care

“Snotgirl,” by Bryan O’Malley and Leslie Hung, is the story of Lottie Person, a fashionable social-media star who can’t seem to avoid drama. While Lottie tries to convince her fans she has the perfect life, behind the scenes there’s drama, heartbreak and murder.


Lottie Person suffers from terrible allergies, hence the name Snotgirl. When she’s not posing for photos, she’s constantly trying to find ways to stop her allergies, including using an experimental drug that supposedly will cure her problems. However, after seeing a bloody and gruesome scene that may or may not have been a hallucination caused by the drug, Lottie finds herself thrown into a dangerous mystery.

Amidst the candy-colored pages of adorable manga-style artwork is a story that takes a close look at our internet’s culture. “Snotgirl” explores the “glamorous” lifestyle that fashion bloggers portray, and shows that beneath the vintage photo filters, their lives aren’t as perfect as they seem. The contrast of cutesy art and dark themes work perfectly for this story.

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Written by Howard Jarden