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Focusing on Alvin J. Lewis 

Check out St. Louis painter Alvin J. Lewis. Focusing on the humanity of the subjects in his paintings, Lewis’ techniques and skills help make his art pieces seemingly come alive, and allows viewers to connect with his work on a deeper level.

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‘Public Domain’ Project to Fill Cape Girardeau with Accessible Art

Help support a Cape Girardeau project, “Public Domain,” which will refurbish old newspaper dispensers, place them around high-traffic areas and sell art from local artists for a cheap price of 50 cents. Making art accessible is the main goal. Donate here:

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Rebecca McConnell: STL Illustrator Plunges into Freelance

After realizing her real love lies within art a year ago, Rebecca McConnell focused all her energy into freelancing and hasn’t looked back since. Fueled by her love of art and freedom to make her own hours and creations, she inspires other creatives to take their dreams to the next level with her business, Rebecca Lynn Illustrations.

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