“Giant Days” is a Story of Self Discovery, College Life and Friendship

The three main characters are Susan, Esther, Daisy, who have just started at university and live in the same residence hall. All three of them realize that being in university is the perfect opportunity to reinvent themselves. This, of course, leads to some wacky adventures.

While many moments are quite light-hearted, “Giant Days” does tackle some pretty difficult topics. For instance, Esther’s photo, without her knowledge, gets uploaded onto a website meant for ranking the attractiveness of university girls. Because of this, she deals with cat calling and harassment, as well as a lack of concern from school officials.

There is also a big emphasis on relationships. “Giant Days” explores rejection and obsession, among with some more positive qualities relationships can have. While romance plays a part in the story, the main focus is the strong friendship the three main girls have.

As far as writing and art go, there are a few drawbacks. There are moments where it feels like there’s a lack of direction regarding each character’s story. The volume feels more like a collection of short stories rather than an overarching one. The art style is cartoonish, but well done for the most part. Some characters have fairly forgettable appearances, but the main characters all have interesting designs.

Overall, “Giant Days” is a great read when you’re looking for something fun but not too silly. If you enjoy stories that focus more on character development rather than plot, “Giant Days” would be just the story for you.

Written by HP Jarden