Kid’s Art Fair to Give Back to Hurricane Florence Victims

Flyer made by Alex Gory.  Photo courtesy of Nicole Gory

Flyer made by Alex Gory.
Photo courtesy of Nicole Gory

Soon to be 11-year-old Springfield transplant Alex Gory, like many his age, is an energetic and opinionated young man with a love of Fortnite and YouTube. What sets him apart from many of his classmates though, is his desire to help those in need. After learning of the plight of those affected by Hurricane Florence, Gory began searching for a way to give them aide, finally settling on the idea of selling art for charity.

“My teacher was talking about Hurricane Florence and all the hurricanes … she has a son that's a lineman and he's in it right now helping people. They go through a lot with it, so I decided to help,” Gory said. “If countries, anyone or anything needs help, you should help.”

“At first, you know, we were thinking more like a lemonade stand where he sells his art. But then we were like ‘Why not get more kids involved and make it a group effort and get some creativity in the mix,’” Gory’s mother, Nicole, said.

To make Gory’s dream a reality, Nicole approached Jacoby Arts Center about the possibility of hosting a pop-up art fair where area children could sell their artwork, with a portion of every sale going to help those impacted by Hurricane Florence.

“I reached out to Sarah Neal … I knew she was very passionate about art and getting art more accessible to children, and she’s really doing amazing things at Jacoby.” “So, I reached out and she got permission to host it there.”

Open to students in grades K-8, the art fair will be held at the Jacoby Arts Center Oct. 28 from noon to 4 p.m.

“Each child will get their own booth and then the parent and their child come up with a percentage that they want to donate, so it’s not across the board. Each family decides so that has a little more accountability for the kid and teaches them about percentages and things like that. The rest they’ll be able to keep. All art is going to be priced under $20,” Nicole said.  

Families wishing to get involved may call 217-415-9077 or check out the Pop Up Kid's Art Fair: Hurricane Relief Fundraiser event page on Facebook.

Written by Jacob Watters