'Peppermint Rooster Review' Showcases Local Student Work

Copy of the "Peppermint Rooster Review"

Copy of the "Peppermint Rooster Review"

Lewis and Clark Community College released its newest issue of the “Peppermint Rooster Review” in April.

The “Peppermint Rooster Review” is the annual literature journal composed of fiction, non-fiction and poetry from students and graduates of LCCC. Students interested in art or graphic design also have a chance to contribute, as every year there is a cover design contest for LCCC students to participate in.

“Many universities have undergraduate literary magazines, so LCCC felt it was important for us to showcase the outstanding work our students are doing, too,” Editor Lainee Frizzo said. “Submitting to Peppermint Rooster Review is also a great first step for our students who are interested in pursuing careers in writing since we are kind when or if we need to inform someone their work hasn’t been accepted.”

The literature journal presents the perfect opportunity for students to showcase their writing as well as put a publication on their resume. Twenty-four entries were published in the journal by 19 different authors.

Ashtyn Britt, a 20 year old paralegal student at LCCC, also happens to have a side hobby of writing. She published the poem “My Gardener” in this issue.

“Being published is the most fulfilling feeling I've ever had,” Britt said. “I can finally express my work to the public, and feel a sense of pride in myself knowing I have come so far from the shy girl writing in her notebook during class. I've made that girl proud, and I hope to continue and possibly inspire other potential writers to follow suit.”

This is the sixth issue to be released and the fifth issue to have a cover design contest. Louise Jett, the layout editor of the cover contest, sends covers to an anonymous panel of judges for voting.

“The cover contest is an opportunity to highlight student talent,” Jett said.  The magazine was name by students, as well, so it is fitting that the cover feature student art. I am particularly fond of this year's winning design. Helen is an exceptional student, and I love her artwork!”

The “Peppermint Rooster Review” is free and can be picked up in Reid Library, the LCCC bookstore or at Media Services in Fobes.

Written by HP Jarden