Principia Dance Production 2018: Expressing Emotion, Women’s Equality through Movement

Photo credits: Bishoppe Kamusinga, Madison Ouellette, Tommy Wolfe. 

This year’s annual dance production at Principia College featured the work of seven student choreographers working with almost 30 backup dancers to help form their thoughts and feelings into dance. With help from several world-renowned guest choreographers, students pushed their creative limits to make a production that challenged the audiences capacity to think.

As artistic director of the 2018 Dance Production Erin Lane said about Principia College, “We are a community of thinkers and think we must, feel we must, acknowledge, laugh and question.”

Photo credits: Bishoppe Kamusinga

Photo credits: Bishoppe Kamusinga

Women’s equality and empowerment were both major topics explored through several dances throughout the night. Artistic Director Erin Lane’s choreography “Unheard” explored the struggles of women in their attempt to communicate their thoughts and feelings to the world without being misinterpreted. Dancers swirled about chaotically — seeming more like leaves being blown in the wind than human. Sophomore Katie Penfield’s choreography “Stand Together” explored themes in a different light. Instead of leaves in the wind, these dancers were coordinated warriors, showing the power of women working together to build each other up. 

Photo credits: Bishoppe Kamusinga

Photo credits: Bishoppe Kamusinga

Junior English major Samantha Corbitt examined how stress with work and life affects our relationships. Using two dancers dressed as shadows portray the feelings of the main couple, Corbitt’s dance titled “Ephemeral” showcased the inner turmoil of two people trying to make it through tough moments while still holding on to each other.

Many themes were explored through each choreographer’s guidance — some whimsical and some more challenging — and it was truly astounding to watch each dancer express these emotions through use of movement and music alone.


Written by Bryan Bethel

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  • Spring Studio Show- Black Box Theatre March 7-9; 7:30-nightly with 2pm matinee on 3/9

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