Sly Hedgehog Hosts Another Slaughter in Sunnydale at Milton Schoolhouse


I was recently invited to participate in a Buffy the Vampire murder mystery dinner at Milton Schoolhouse, put on by Sly Hedgehog productions. As a team, none of us were VERY knowledgeable of Buffy, but nevertheless I was excited to go.

I arrived assuming this would be a mostly trivia-based event, which was fine with me. I wouldn't be able to participate much, but I’d have plenty of time to observe. I was immediately greeted by one of the organizers, Jessica, at the door, and I was seated at Table 1 with six other adults. We were given packets with information about the murder and rules. They explained the schedule of the night and after dinner, we would be able to go “Investigate.” We had only been told the killer had already been chosen, was amongst us and that everything we would need to solve this mystery was scattered all over three floors of the schoolhouse; shortly thereafter, dinner was served.


We lined up buffet style in the outer hall for the event and a little quicker than others, we realized the games had already begun, we spotted several things to investigate and became excited! Dinner was great with a honey and garlic baked chicken, cheesy roasted vegetable polenta and a refreshing mediterranean salad. However, we didn’t spend much time on food because we were up against five other teams and we could see around us the this mystery was already well under way!

Over the course of four hours — which I originally assumed was too long — we solved many puzzles, did a little trivia, deciphered difficult  codes, opened puzzle boxes and CLOSELY watched all of our rivals. As a team, we were given plenty of activities to fill up that time and keep us interested in the mystery and each other. We were all whirled up in this (surprisingly) high adrenaline investigation, and before I knew it, it was over. The winner was decided by a point system: you were granted certain amounts for solving the murder, completing a team challenge and various other activities throughout the night. Our team placed first with a whopping 3,835 points, and we were given T-shirts for placing first.

All in all, this event was fantastic. It was engaging, fun and interactive. The food, catered by The Bronze, was delicious and it is obvious how much work and love Libby and Jessica put into these events. Not only are you involved in the mystery, but also with each other and the inspectors. It is a unique and entertaining goal-driven social event. I can honestly say I am now far more prepared to solve a murder mystery, especially a Buffy one, and that I’m better for it.


Written by CyRhen Sohngs