Tinfoil Alley: Is Kanye West the ‘Starman’ David Bowie Prophesied?

Shelby Clayton - Art Director

Shelby Clayton - Art Director

You’re going to have to bare with me on this off the wall conspiracy theory. However, when you consider the two people involved you’d expect something as strange as this to connect them. This theory connects the far out, extraterrestrial rocker David Bowie to the self-proclaimed “Yeezus” Kanye West.

Countless times Kanye West has compared himself to Jesus and has even called himself “Yeezus,” but when you consider this conspiracy theory, his claims may not be as far fetched as you think. Theorists have made the claim that Kanye West’s stardom was predicted by David Bowie back in 1972, five years before West was born. The five years part is going to be important to this theory, so don’t forget it.

In 1972, David Bowie released his rock opera album “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.” This is the album that also introduced David Bowie’s alter ego “Ziggy Stardust”, the red-haired, out of this world looking character. According to conspiracy theorists, this is where the connection between Kanye West and David Bowie begins.



Let’s start with the first connection on the album cover itself. The album cover for “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” features David Bowie on a dark damped sidewalk on the streets of London with a lit sign above his head. The only two things that happen to stand out in this album cover are Bowie himself and the sign that is lit up above his head. Now this is the first connection because the only thing on the sign are the words “K.West.” Does this happen to just be a coincidence or is there a deeper meaning?

Next is where the theory goes a little deeper into the album. The first song on the album is called “Five Years.” The song explains that in five years time the earth is going to die unless the “starman” arrives. Many people believed that Ziggy Stardust was the starman Bowie sang about, but in an interview with Rolling Stone Bowie says that’s not true. Bowie said that Ziggy was merely the earthly messenger for the starman and his job was to let the people know of his coming.

So, who is this starman that was supposed to come and save earth from its demise? Theorists believe Bowie was referring to Kanye West. They believe the title of the song “Five Years” was actually meant to predict the date the starman was going to arrive on earth. It’s just so happens that almost exactly five years after the release of “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,” which was released on June 6, 1972, Kanye West was born. West was born five years and two days after the album’s release on June 8, 1977. Is this just another coincidence or is Bowie’s prediction coming true?

The starman Bowie sang about has also been compared to the second coming of Christ. Who do we know that likes to think he’s the second coming of Christ? You got it, it’s Kanye West or “Yeezus,” if you may. If you put everything together from the sign that reads “K.West” to the song “Five Years” almost perfectly lining up with West’s birth, and the comparison between the starman and West’s belief that he’s Jesus. This theory is extremely out there, but it makes you think.

If you thought we were done with the connections, think again. There are still a few more connections that may help prove this theory.  

In an interview with Rolling Stone in 1974, Bowie described in a strange way how his alter ego would eventually leave this earth. He said, “As soon as Ziggy dies onstage, the infinites (or Starman) take his elements and make themselves visible.”

Now, who was one the first artists to comment on the death of David Bowie and said he was an inspiration for him? You guessed it again, it’s Kanye West. West tweeted out an hour after it was official that Bowie had left this earth. "David Bowie was one of my most important inspirations, so fearless, so creative, he gave us magic for a lifetime,” West tweeted.

Bowie’s death also stirred up the conspiracy and people added more connections between the two artists. People believe that Bowie’s final album “Blackstar” was Bowie claiming West as his successor. Well, West is in fact a “Black Star” and the third track off the album titled “Lazarus” may have some biblical connections. Lazarus was biblical figure who became ill and died. He was then laid to rest in a tomb, but was brought back to life by Jesus through prayer.

It’s interesting that West’s third song off his 2003 album “Yeezus” is called “I’m A God.” Also in 2006, West was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a crown of thorns. The connection between West and Jesus has been made over and over again. So, was Bowie trying to make a connection in his song? Bowie as Lazarus/Ziggy Stardust as the messenger of West as Starman/Jesus.

Also there is one more thing tying the two together. Three days, which is an important amount of time in the Bible, before the death of David Bowie singer Sia released her song “Reaper.” Who just so happened to co-write and co-produce that song? Once again you guessed it, it was none other than Kanye West.

Now do all of these connections just happen to be coincidences or is there a deeper meaning? Did David Bowie really predict the coming of the “Starman” or the second coming of Christ, however you decide to look at it? Will Kanye West save the world from its demise? It’s up to you.

Written by Alex St. Peters