‘Writing a Latte’ to Stir Up the Local Writing Community

Writing a Latte.png

A new writing group. which aims to create an opportunity for writers to network with others, critique work and develop their own skills, has opened up for writers in the Riverbend area.

From 6 to 8 p.m every first and third Monday of the month at Germania Brew Haus, ‘Writing a Latte’ strives to offer an open and creative space to writers and those who love to write but may not necessarily label themselves as writers.

The writing group is organized by Warm Soda Magazine, a local arts and culture publication.

“This space is meant to give members of the group a place to learn, grow and discuss pieces, as well as hone their writing skills,” Warm Soda’s Editorial Director Lauren Leady said. “Whether they enjoy poetry, creative fiction, short stories or creative essays, all will be accepted and discussed in the group.”

At the membership cost of only $5 a month, writers can enjoy the creative space offered and discover the strengths and weaknesses of their pieces to learn how to craft great poetry and/or stories.

In addition, members can not only experience the creative atmosphere with other writers, but also the relaxing and inspiring environment Germania offers, along with the tasty beverages of coffee, tea, smoothies or craft beer served.

To learn more and to fill out an application, go to www.warmsodamag.com/groups. You can send applications to howardpjarden@gmail.com.