A Most Dope Evening with Local Bands MFG, Pono AM and More

The night was hazy, the music loud, and the vibes far-out. All was good in lil’ ol’ Alton, Illinois on the 20th of April. Groovy tunes radiated around the vicinity of Bottle & Barrel that cool, spring night. Many laughs, dance moves and memories were shared.

MFG Photo by Rosita

Photo by Rosita

Kicking off the night of music was Ruffneck Blues Band, who jumped across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri to share their high-spirited tunes. Starting off as jam sessions and then transforming into an official band only about eight months ago, RBB seemed as if they have had a following for many years.

“I’m excited to see what they will sound like a year from now,” a friend of the band said. Me too. With audible influences of soulful blues, psychedelic rock and hip hop, the mosaic sound is accessible to all who are down for a good time.

Continuing the musical night, the band MFG, from Alton, Illinois, rocked the stage out of our galaxy and into an otherworldly place. The dudes of MFG were the captains to the audience’s journey through space and time, controlling the ship with their music. The ride was heavy rockin’ and quite fuzzy.

Riding the waves back down to Earth, the transition between bands was smooth sailing. Next up was Pono AM, originating from St. Louis. After landing safely, the audience immediately took off to the beach with surfboards in hand. Pono AM served up heavy surf rock tunes to all those who were ready to dive in.

Pono AM Photo by Rosita

Pono AM
Photo by Rosita

Once the high tides began to lull, Biff K’narly and the Reptilians, also from St. Louis, took the stage and blew the surfers out of the water with their psychedelic punk. The radiation of energy coming from their music was as high as a kite on a windy day at the beach. As crustaceans in the sand put up their defenses and circled around to the music, on-lookers swayed and bobbed up and down with the rocking current. Gnarly memories were certainly made at this energetic music show.

There sure is an immense amount of musical talent around the Alton/St. Louis area that needs to be heard by many, so keep up-to-date with who Bottle & Barrel brings in to play. Who knows, maybe you will get hooked on a new favorite local band the next time you walk through the doors.

Biff K'narly and the Reptilians Photo by Rosita

Biff K'narly and the Reptilians
Photo by Rosita

Check out the bands showcased: Ruffneck Blues Band, facebook.com/Rbbstl | MFG, mmffgg.bandcamp.com | Pono AM, facebook.com/ponoamstl & ponoam.bandcamp.com | Biff K’narly and the Reptilians, facebook.com/BiffKnarlyandtheReptilians & biffknarlyandthereptilians.bandcamp.com

Written and photographed by Rosita