“Flavor of the Week” by Biff K'narly and the Reptilians Spreads Chameleon Conspiracy

With an expansion into Spotify and iTunes a few days ago, this trio spreads its agenda to more than just the riverbend area and its hometown of Alton.

“Flavor of the Week” is a six-minute song about the trials of relationships in this day. The question the song centers on is, “am I just the flavor of the week?” The singer seems to ask is there anything more in relationships than just the fleeting passion.

In the second verse, he even tries to convince listeners, and himself, there is nothing wrong with permanence. The guitars seamlessly sing back to him, giving them a voice of their own, which tends to be a staple in all of the band’s songs. Guitar riffs command the songs and change melodies throughout to jolt the listener to pay attention. The last few minutes of “Flavor of the Week” are only instrumentals, which really give life and drama to the feeling of being nothing more than a brief moment in someone’s life before they move on. Enjoy this song that lends to one of the many, many "flavors" of the area.

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Listen to “Flavor of the Week” here https://biffknarlyandthereptilians.bandcamp.com/releases.

By Lauren Leady