It’s a Pleasure to Spin the New Distant Eyes Single ‘Pleasure to Burn’

Cover art for ‘Pleasure to Burn,’ designed by Brian Morgante of Flesh & Bone Design.

Cover art for ‘Pleasure to Burn,’ designed by Brian Morgante of Flesh & Bone Design.

The second single, “Pleasure to Burn,” from Distant Eyes’ debut album is coming to your ears today. 

The sound of Distant Eyes has been described before as in the post-hardcore realm, borrowing inspiration from post-rock and shoegaze. The group’s first single came out last fall, “Twentynine Palms.” However, the single today has a much different vibe than the first.

“Pleasure to Burn” is extremely raw and loud in the best way. Listeners can hear the emotion in every note, either with Rutherford’s voice, Brett Kutter’s guitar from the get-go, drummer Ian Whitmore’s fast-paced beats and/or Jacob Mreen’s bass guitar. The guitar and voice scream together throughout, bringing all into the band’s world created by the song. 

Whitmore described the song’s inspiration and the negative emotions it contains, “The song itself is a release of a lot of hateful and negative emotions. It was really inspired by the downtown bar scene and the social complexities that can occur in different relationships being constantly immersed in that drunken mess.”

Listeners can feel the passion and intensity especially during the chanting, “There is no way, there is no way, no, no.” Over and over again, striking you to the core. The cover art is a clear representation of these emotions, with striking reds and maroons. All art and design is done by Brian Morgante of Flesh & Bone Design. 

In anticipation of the debut album, “Prodovox,” which means the continuation or divergence of sound, Whitmore explained the process of “Pleasure to Burn.” The group put tons of hard work and hours into this song, recording at Lighthouse Sounds in Alton and co-engineered by Alex St. Cin and Kyle Noonan. 

“This single has been both rushed and delayed in every sense of the word. We had been working on it for probably a year or so in terms of tracking and mixing. It took a lot of back and forth getting the fine details right, and when the moment came where we were almost out of the thick of it, we kicked it up full force and made sure this thing saw the light of day,” Whitmore said. “We put together a top-notch team of engineers to record, mix and master (Alex St. Cin and Kris Crummet), and I think I can speak for all of us when I say this is the best piece of work I, or any of us, have put out.”

Listen to a preview of their full-length album with the release of “Pleasure to Burn.” “Prodovox” is scheduled to release approximately late August/early September. 

Distant Eyes will be playing at 8 p.m. July 24 at The Sinkhole in St. Louis with Bottom Bracket, Biff K’narly & the Reptilians and Overnighter. 

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Written by Lauren Leady