Matt’s Music Corner: Top Songs of the Week

2018 has already been an incredibly stellar year for music, with a slew of great songs and albums already out now, and even more on the way. So, on this week’s Matt’s Music Corner, I want to highlight some of my favorite songs I’ve heard this week, some of which you can hear on my radio show, Obscurity Knocks, every Sunday from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. on 89.9 WLCA. So, without further ado, the songs:

1. Parquet Courts - “Wide Awake”

Have you ever wondered what would happen if LCD Soundsystem embraced their post-punk influence more? Or more specifically, what would happen if Parquet Courts made an LCD Soundsystem song? Well, this new single from the New York band answers that question as the band’s usual art punk sound gets a double infusion of dance punk and new wave with funkier drums, zany guitars and chorus vocals throughout. While “Almost Had To Start A Fight / In And Out Of Patience,“ the first single off their upcoming album, “Wide Awake!,” was fairly on brand for the band, this new single strays away from their usual sound, a move that’s as exciting as it could be frightening.

2. Grouper - “Parking Lot”

One of the most exciting things about having a radio show, especially one that’s heavily focused on new music, is that I always have to be on the lookout for artists to play. Whether they’d be artists recently on the rise or artists on more established ground, I always try to keep my ear to what’s happening. So, let’s talk about Grouper then, who falls in the latter category, as she’s been at it for quite some time now, with her first album coming out back in 2005, and a new one on the way coming April 27, one I’m deeply excited about after hearing this single, as this track is absolutely haunting. Drenched in reverb, Grouper’s Liz Harris’ affecting vocal performance behind an eerie piano piece just absolutely grabbed me on my first listen. If you’re looking for something that’ll make you cry, this song might be it.

3. Nap Eyes - “Every Time the Feeling”

Sometimes, you just want songs that simply comfort you. I don’t always want to be brutally depressed listening to music, nor do I always want to feel like I’m on top of the world. Every now and then, I just want a song that feels like a warm blanket. “Every Time the Feeling” is one of those songs, as with a slightly jagged folk rock instrumental and a Lou Reed-inspired vocal performance, this Nova Scotia quartet will make you want to crack open a cold one, sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

4. Throwback Song of the Week: Destroyer - “Rubies”

So, basically I’m making up the format of this post as I go, and while writing this, I realized I also wanted to highlight an older song along with three new ones. That brings us to “Rubies”, the opener of 2005’s “Destroyer’s Rubies.” First off, the opening of this track kicks ass, straight up. Dan Bejar is babbling some poetic shit about wives and blood over a vicious guitar before it leads into a beautiful acoustic guitar lick and more poetic shit that only Dan Bejar can write and pull off. This song is a 9 minute epic whose influence you can hear in artists working today like Car Seat Headrest (who even referenced Bejar back in 2011 on the original version of “Twin Fantasy).” Seriously, give this and the rest of Destroyer’s discography a listen.