Matt's Music Corner: 'Twin Fantasy' by Car Seat Headrest


The latest album from Car Seat Headrest, “Twin Fantasy,” is an album that’s not even new at all. In fact, it’s a remake of an album frontman Will Toledo made in 2011 when Car Seat Headrest was still a solo project putting out albums independently on Bandcamp and not a full-fledged band like it is today. 

Now, why would someone want to remake an album they made a few years ago? Well for one, the 2011 version of the album is incredibly lo-fi. The whole album was recorded in GarageBand with a terrible mic and a USB plug-in guitar, along with whatever else Toledo had access to. For a lot of his biggest devotees, the 2011 “Twin Fantasy” is his greatest work. 

But, now in 2018, Car Seat Headrest has been signed to Matador Records for a few years and with that, he has access to resources that seemed impossibly far away when he made the original “Twin Fantasy.” One of mine and many other fans biggest concerns going into this record was that he was gonna George Lucas it, as in he’d add a lot of unnecessary material to the album that would take away its initial charms. However, I can gladly say with clearer production, added instrumentation and even some lyrical changes, the 2018 version of “Twin Fantasy” keeps the emotion of the original, but adds a new layer of maturity that reflects on the original albums frantic musings.

A lot of the original “Twin Fantasy” was written and made when Toledo was only 19, so not only are some the lyrics somewhat immature, they’re also very in the moment. Now, this doesn’t take away any relatability factor, as there are a lot of relatable songs on that album, but Toledo is now 25 years old. He can’t quite sing some of these believably anymore, so there are some songs on here where he takes some pretty massive creative liberties, especially on tracks like “High to Death” and “Famous Young Inhumans.” 

Despite the changes though, “Twin Fantasy” is still a tour de force of indie rock. Toledo proves himself once again as one of, if not the best, songwriter working in that genre today, as there’s a massive amount of ambition on this album a lot of his peers wish they could reach. Even when he’s remaking his own music, Toledo has such a knack for great songwriting. The extensive journey “Beach Life-in-Death” is as enthralling as ever, “Sober to Death” still hits me like a brick with each listen and “Famous Prophets (Stars)” is just to die for. 

“Twin Fantasy” is an album that goes through every little detail of a relationship doomed to fail, but the album itself is a resounding success and has me excited for what Car Seat Headrest does next.

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Written by Writer Matt Monroe