Pop a Playlist - Part 1

pop a playlist-01.png

Pop a Playlist is a weekly showdown between Warm Soda members with themes chosen by you - the audience. Warm Sodalings will then create playlists from the audience chosen theme to compete for your votes. 

This week the themes to choose from were "Alien" and "Stargazing" with votes totaling 22 - 34 respectively. With Stargazing being the winner, Warm Soda presents Stargazing inspired playlists from three of our members; Anya Malley, Jake Watters and Shelby Clayton. Each member has their own eclectic taste in music which will surely be a tasty treat your ears.

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Anya Malley - 38 min 

Anya's musical taste lends itself dream pop, groovy, experimental, and lo-fi. 



Jake Watters - 37 min

Jake's musical tastes are made of metal, punk and a bit of electronica and rap. Lots of progressive rock and metal.



Shelby Clayton 30 min 

Shelby's musical tastes include weird shit.