Vamp Up Your Halloween playlist with ‘The Last Werewolf’

Ready your Halloween playlists for unique spookiness. A cocktail of dark circus, electronic beats, jazzy vibes and seductive cabaret musician Stephen Coates dubbed “Antique Beat.”  

Album cover “The Last Werewold” by The Real Tuesday Weld

Album cover “The Last Werewold” by The Real Tuesday Weld

In 1999, Coates followed the chase to find meaning in his vivid dreams to the sewers of London where he gave birth to The Real Tuesday Weld. Fast forward to 2011, Coates released “The Last Werewolf,” named after the novel written by his childhood companion, Glen Duncan, which is the backdrop of the album. Coates takes you on an emotionally captivating journey through the novel, luring you into a world of his own.

Author’s top 5 album tracks:

“Me and Mr. Wolf” – This isn’t your typical “Little Red” but a dark twist on an obscure love story, warning the wolf of her own evil that will surely come for his life.

“The Lupine Waltz” – A beautiful instrumental dotted with samples, giving an aura to the album.

“Love Lust Money” – Seemingly out of place, Coates takes you into a dark nightclub on another planet, yet somehow keeps you in the world he has created.

“(I Always Kill) The Things I Love” – This track surrounds you, giving you a private show. Keeping a simple beat, it is nonetheless complex in its own ways.

“The Hunt” – One of the more explicit tracks, a very straight-forward story of paying the price of your actions.

Written by Elizabeth Ames