'We Were Here' by Lights Delves Deeper into her 'Skin&Earth' World

Lights’ most recent single was released early February, “We Were Here.” The song drop highlights the beginning of her headlining tour titled We Were Here supporting her new album “Skin&Earth.”

Additionally, the song parallels with her comic series, “Skin&Earth,” specifically issue 4. According to Lights, issue 4 was her favorite issue to draw and write. The series follows a woman, Enaia (En) Jin, living in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world with little natural environment left. The comics and accompanying album, released late September, show En finding her way in the rundown Madison Oasis, understanding herself and falling in love

The song starts with the calming sound of ocean waves lapping at the beach, but quickly escalates with the hard drop of the beat and cutting lyrics of Lights’ voice. The song perfectly emulates being in the moment and making a presence known. En wants the world, especially her ex-lover, to know she was there to make a statement. The song effects highlight the dramatic actions En takes to make a point, like setting a truck on fire. It’s a song that will make you feel alive and encourages motivation to do what you have to do, whether this very day or for the rest of your life. Also, the song includes a lyric about pizza crust.

The music video is badass and includes Lights catching a truck on fire just like En does in the comic. 

Find more about Lights and her amazing project on her Facebook www.facebook.com/lights/ or her website www.iamlights.com. You won’t regret finding out about this concept album.

Lights will stop by March 14 in St. Louis at the Delmar Hall.

Written by Lauren Leady
Photos owned by Warner Bros Records